Affordable Custom Cedar Post & Beam and Log Homes

Custom Design

Mauna Loa Cedar Homes recognizes that you aspire to poses a personal customized living environment configured directly for you. Nearly every home we provide is a custom home designed and manufactured to match your specific requirements and lifestyle, which includes working your spaces and room requirements into a layout that has an efficient and cost-effective traffic flow, developing a plan that accommodates your daily activities with a style you desire, and staying within your budget. We work directly with PAN ABODE's design proffetionals to ensure you recieve the architectural design you would expect.

PAN ABODE strives for the highest quality of design & materials possible. We work with PAN ABODE's highly skilled design professionals and unparalleled technical experts who are very knowledgeable in up-to-date building techniques.

Our mission is to incorporate “your” ideas, needs, and expectations into our complete and comprehensive approach to custom home design providing with the best quality service that is responsive, attentive, and timely.

"Free Custom Home Design Consultation" .....Building plans, yours or ours?

PAN ABODE Cedar Homes has been giving away award winning Custom Design with our building packages for years. Choose one of our plans from the Idea Book and feel free to modify it, or bring in your own plan. With our "Custom Home Design Consultation", we will give initial expert design assistance and supply you with an accurate free pricing estimate. Contact Mauna Loa Cedar Homes to initiate the process.

We can offer you unlimited design possibilities so that you achieve the custom cedar home of your dreams. Throughout the design development process you and MLCH work directly with a PAN ABODE design professional. Your questions are heard and addressed by someone who understands design and cares about “your” specific desires.

The Idea Book

The Idea Book

PAN ABODE Cedar Homes offers an abundance of plans in their catalog called the "Idea Book". It is the planning book in their "Custom Home Guide". It offers unique designs which include architectural styles such as chalets, ramblers, ranch homes, contemporary homes, and many other types of building configurations. The Idea Book provokes thought and motivates the designer in all of us. The Idea Book contains many standard plans used as a basis of initiation into the realm of PAN ABODE's Custom Design service.

To assist you in developing the various design elements of your home, many ideas will be proposed by PAN ABODE ’s Idea Book and MLCH. Each feature impacts the overall feeling and character of the home. You can also draw from other sources for inspiration such as photos and articles. Ideas furnished by you are excellent communication tools to arriving at the home design you have always dreamed of.

Design Phase in 4 steps...

PAN ABODE’s design service is provided to you as part of our complete building system material package supplied by Mauna Loa Cedar Homes and is included in our standard model prices. We design and furnish construction plans as a function to facilitate a building package sale. The design process can best be understood if it is evaluated in four phases.

First is the “Initial Programming Process,” which are discussions with your Mauna Loa Cedar Homes & a PAN ABODE design professional to determine your general aesthetics, functional needs, site integration and projected budget.

Second is Concept Design. During this phase a standard plan is either selected from our idea book and modified, or you may interact and correspond with MLCH & PA design team to gather your ideas and establish your requirements for a custom design. In many cases PA will create sketches and make design proposals for your review and to see we've interpreted your desires correctly.

Third is Preliminary Design. During the design development phase, PAN ABODE’s design team will provide you with computer-generated, drafted-to-scale drawings that will illustrate the project as it will appear when it’s constructed, specifically defining the floor plans and exterior elevations. These plans are appropriate to acquire starting bids for construction. MLCH will help in acquiring accurate costs.

Fourth and final phase of design is Construction Drawings. Based on your approved preliminary plans and order deposit, contraction drawings are prepared. PAN ABODE creates highly accurate and fully detailed architectural drawings for your home. Great detail is needed in the plans to not only convey how to accurately construct your custom home, but tell our manufacturing division exactly what and how to supply. Many builders have complimented us for our plan detail, it makes their job easier by alleviating second guessing how to properly assemble your custom home. These plans provide information to secure final construction bids and obtain most required permits.

Engineering: MLCH will also provide direct interaction with your local structural engineer that is required for the islands. While PAN ABODE's systems are engineered for installation anywhere, Hawaii building codes require local engineering dependent on your particular building site requirements. PAN ABODE & MLCH will interact with your local engineer at no extra cost to implement any additional information he or she may require.

Customer Service...

Designing a custom home can be very exciting. Here at Mauna Loa Cedar Homes we strive to provide personal attention, service, and a focus on detail to ensure your experience is enjoyable and satisfying. Customer service before, during, and after the sale ensures you will tell others about us.

PAN ABODE’s design team as part of our design development program, uses the latest computer design technology. This allows us to correspond with you using any medium available, while ensuring the highest level of accuracy and presentation quality. Whether by mail or the internet.

PAN ABODE provides construction support in addition to our detailed plans and timber home construction manuals. We also have a toll-free number to answer construction questions, which are backed by experts at PAN ABODE who can provide detailed responses for the fastest and most efficient method for building our homes.